creative identity kutovakika

How to find your creative identity? with @kutovakika #37

This week’s chat with Veronika from @kutovakika, will get you more grounded than ever. We talk about her journey as an instagrammer and creative photographer. But we especially highlight the internal processes that happens when you aim to lead a creative life. Firstly, you’ll probably ask yourself: how to find your creative identity?

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Victorian house of arts and crafts

Victorian Arts and Crafts; Interview with Niamh Wimperis #35

In this episode we get behind the scenes of the new British series “The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts”. We interview Niamh Wimperis, who isn’t just the only one in the world with her name, but is also the embroidery representative on the show. It’s a wonderful British series on BBCTWO that honors the Victorian Arts and Crafts movement.

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meditation namaste_embroidery

Embroidery meditation; Interview with @namaste_embroidery #34

In this week’s episode of the Charles and Elin podcast we had the chance to talk with embroidery artist Jessica Long. For her, embroidery and yoga practise are closely intertwined. Especially with regards to meditation, where she states that she doesn’t think there is just one kind of meditation.

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Instagram @emillieferris

Instagram Colleagues; Interview with embroidery artist @emillieferris #30

In this week’s podcast episode, we chatted with UK based embroidery artist Emillie Ferris about her journey navigating in the arts and Instagram space. When she first began to share her work on Instagram in 2013, there weren’t many other embroidery artists to take advice from. Thus she has had to go through trial and error and faithful Google researches to figure out how to improve. To continuously do research to better understand everything from pricing to reaching new audiences online, is essential. Especially today when there is more competition in the space than ever before. “When I first began to share my work, the embroidery hashtag had just a few hundred posts. But now it has several millions…”, says Emillie. 

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limit @salt_stitches

The sky is the limit; Interview with embroidery artist Emily Wright @salt_stitches

Little did Emily know that her life would drastically change within a couple of months from picking up her first needle. In February 2018 she decided to learn embroidery as a self-care project and to create an authentic portfolio for art school. To document her journey she decided to start an Instagram account called @salt_stitches. Today she works as a full-time embroidery artist from her home just outside of Manchester, UK. It all went so fast that she sees no limit as to how far her creative pursuit can take her. 

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Cyberbullying Charles and Elin

Cyberbullying is real #28

For episode 28 of the Charles and Elin podcast, we decided to connect with you on a personal level. The past week has been an emotional rollercoaster going from rock bottom to mountain highs. It started out with Charles having to face severe cyberbullying attacks both against his art and persona. So far we’ve been incredibly fortunate with a supportive community online. But the exponential exposure to cyberbullying forced us to see the realities with social media. 

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needlefelting @begoodnatured

Needlefelting artist Dani Ives @begoodnatured shares her journey from Conservation educator to full-time artist #27

Dani Ives known as @begoodnatured on Instagram, has certainly needlefelting @begoodnaturedgone through an unexpected career shift. Growing up she was always interested in science, which led her to biology and conservation studies. Some years later, while working as a conservation educator at a zoo, she began to feel the urge to create come back. She had always been “artsy” but never nurtured her artistic tendencies. But when a friend recommended her to try out needlefelting something happened… She just couldn’t stop!

“There is something completely addictive with needlefelting”, she says in the interview. From the first day, a whole new world of needlefelting opened up, and she is now able to nurture both her creativity and love for animals and conservation using the same medium.

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