Change: Even the smallest change can lead to a transformation of your mindset, art and business #25

The idea of change is very fascinating. In one way we idealise change since it is required to go from point A to point B and realise our dreams. Yet, we are scared to make the changes needed to reach the results we want. It is too easy (we can sign under on this from experience), to blame external factors instead of actively make the change. A change is an action that follows a decision that will bring you in a new direction. But if you don’t take that decision or act on it, there won’t be any change and you will find yourself in the same position years down the road. Who do you want to be? A change-maker or a passive spectator?
In episode 25 of the Charles and Elin podcast we discuss the idea of change, especially a change of mindset. You might have the ideal circumstance, or so it seems from the outside. But internally you feel lost. Change Charles and Elin You don’t understand why you are unable to get anything done. Is it something wrong with the chair? Maybe not enough windows? Perhaps it’s too cold?

In a recent webinar hosted by Teachable, one of the creatives recalled her recent discovery with regards to her new home office. It was beautiful and perfect in every sense except for the fact that she couldn’t get work done. For some time she felt embarrassed. If she drove to the café to work she wouldn’t only lose time, but also money. After a row of internal battles she decided to drive to a café and work anyway. The result astonished her. She got more work done in a couple of hours than she had in the weeks prior. Why do we like to stubbornly stick to preconceived ideas of reality?

Recognise and accept reality to be able to make the right change

It was incredibly relieving to hear someone else struggle to work from home. I never had difficulties before, but times change. Reality changes continuously and we must be brave enough to recognise and accept the new reality. If we feel more motivated and Change Charles and Elin productive changing work environments from café to café that is completely ok. There are no set formulas for how creative work should be done. It is only society that has made us believe that we all have to work from 9-5 at our desk. However, is that the most effective schedule for you?

As creatives it’s very easy to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to continuously produce at a certain level. Especially if you’ve had success recently, you pressure yourself to do even better. This kind of pressure can be great to push you forward and advance in your work, but don’t let it get to you too hard. Because the effect can backlash and create a block leading to getting nothing done when you should be thriving.

Move your ass and your mind will follow

When you find yourself stuck, the only way to get out of the situation is to make a change. It doesn’t have to be an as drastic change as move country like we did recently. Rather it’s the small everyday changes that can make or break the deal. Go out for a walk, change your work environment, meet-up with a person in real life, call a fellow creative over Skype. Just DO SOMETHING to change a negative spiralling mindset.

We all find ourselves stuck in these spirals from time to time. Especially we you work and rely a great deal on social media for your creative business. Tools such as Instagram can easily get to your minds and impact both emotion and creation. Turn off your phone for a few hours, or perhaps for a whole day and you will immediately feel the release of stress arrive.

Did you find this article valuable? Then don’t hesitate to press play on the episode and listen to the full version! To the right you can see the two books “Real Artists don’t starve” and “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” that we made references to in the show. They’re both highly recommended reads for any in the creative field! Change



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