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How to find your creative identity? with @kutovakika #37

This week’s chat with Veronika from @kutovakika, will get you more grounded than ever. We talk about her journey as an instagrammer and creative photographer. But we especially highlight the internal processes that happens when you aim to lead a creative life. Firstly, you’ll probably ask yourself: how to find your creative identity?

Kutovakika explores her creative identity on an imaginary bicycle with strawberry wheels

Identity is tricky because we can’t touch it. Some would even argue that we can’t see it either. However, that depends on how well you’re able to express yourself through your behaviour, dresscode, communication, interests and more. For those that are free in their self-expression, creative identity is definitely visible. But for most of us that’s not the case.

The impact of social media on creative identity

The presence of social media has both made it easier and harder to express our identity. We are free in the sense that we can put whatever piece of ourselves out there for everyone to see. However, much of what we see online is more of a refined and “upcycled” version of who we really are. We like to share the happy days and the happy moments. Whereas real life looks much more like a roller coaster.

Kutovakika explores her creative identity in a flying telephone booth

This question is something that Veronika has thought about a lot. She says that whenever she feels lost in the never-ending flow of external influence and pressure she turns inwards. Influence can almost tell you how your identity should be, or at least how to present it. But that doesn’t make it authentic or true. Thus the only way to find your own creative voice is by recognising who you are.

Traveling teaches you a lot about others, but the most about yourself

Kutovakika explores her creative identity imagining to wear a banan peel as trousers

Kika has been travelling and living in many places around Europe. But at some point the joy of learning new cultures made her lose herself. She became increasingly aware of who she is and what she value. She returned back to her roots in the Finish countryside, where she allowed herself to play, explore and experiment with her creativity. To return and to give herself that time and space for self-exploration, has led her to where she is today. She has continued to live abroad, but now with a much stronger idea of self.

If you have a look at Veronika’s creative photography on Instagram you understand exactly what she talks about. To be an instagrammer and creative is not an easy task. How to come up with new ideas, be original and still true to yourself?

Kutovakika explores her creative identity by using a racer as a vacuum cleaner

Thanks to Veronika’s time and efforts to find her authentic creative identity, she is able to continuously deliver astounding imagery. She has been featured on Instagram’s main page a whole 6 times in the past year. Along with giving herself freedom to play, she now sees the world in a new light. A racer can become a vacuum cleaner if you enlarge it big enough. A banana peel can become fancy one-piece trousers. Thus she combines her own identity with everyday objects and mix it up with fun perspectives and light to create unique and authentic images.

Looking for more concrete actionable steps on how you can find your creative identity too?

Kutovakika explores her creative identity by reading a newspaper with a cut out imaginary landscape

Make sure to listen to the full episode and get all of her tips of how she does it. She will even give you concrete and actionable strategies for how you can come up with your own creative ideas and to find your creative identity. Many times it isn’t even so much about the idea, but rather the story. What is the story and message that you want to communicate through your picture?

Make sure to follow Veronika on Instagram @kutovakika and read her blog www.kutovakika.com . As an ambitious creative she has also recently launched a new youtube channel, where she will share frequent tips on creativity. You find her youtube channel under Kutovakika as well.

In the episode Veronica also recommends to listen to Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker, for more tips on Instagram and creative entrepreneurship.



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