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Monthly Embroidery Designs

How do you choose which embroidery designs to stitch?

Do you find it difficult to source inspiring patterns? Or perhaps you find too many and have a hard time to choose?

Regardless of whether you have too few or too many projects to choose from, indecisiveness and a lack of inspiration can be killer. Furthermore, it’s hugely time consuming. I used to feel extremely frustrated whenever I felt I wasted time by not knowing where to start.

Me, (Elin Petronella), stitching on one of my early embroidery designs in Paris. Read more about our embroidery journey under “our story”.

Be proactive in your creativity

For me the solution came when I dedicated myself to an embroidery habit. This meant that I would make at least one stitch every day. No exception. As you might guess, I rarely did just one. Because ones you get started, the desire to make more emerges immediately.

Therefore, to be able to be successful with my decision, I needed to get organised with my embroidery designs. To not risk missing a day, I had to always have a project on the go. It might sound counter-intuitive, that to have a work in progress made it easier to decide the next one. But for me, that was the case.

Whenever I was in motion and creatively productive, I felt filled with inspiration for new stitchery motives. The experience reminds me of a saying I heard a while back…

“Move your ass and your mind will follow”

It was as if the more I created, the more ideas, inspiration and motivation I gained in return. It wasn’t until I spoke about it on our podcast, that I realised that I’m not alone in my struggle.

This is one of the main reasons for why Charles and I decided to create a Monthly Pattern Program.

What does monthly embroidery designs involve?

As a member in the program, you’ll receive a new unique and inspiring embroidery design on the first of each month. Each pattern is inspired by a place we’ve visited or dream to travel to. Thereby, taking inspiration from the beauty of our surroundings.

You can participate for as few or as many months as you like. It’s essential for us that you feel that you have the freedom to adapt your creative habit as it fits you. Perhaps a stitch a day is too much. But maybe you could commit to a stitch a week?

Here is a selection of some of the Monthly Embroidery Designs  over the past year. Hundreds of stitchers have been a part of the program and contributed to the growing global movement of hand embroidery.

The monthly supply of inspiring stitchery, will boost you to keep up with your promise. To enrol in the program is an investment in your own creative fulfilment.

Imagine if you stay on the program for a year… That means you will have 12 hand made embroidery art works by the end of the year. Each piece becomes a symbol of all the accomplishments and ups and downs that you’ve experience over the year.

Trust me, it’s an investment that you will treasure forever.

It’s funny when I look at my old embroidery designs. I am always able to recall the music or podcast shows I listened while I stitched it. I can recall where I was and how I felt. Just as much as each stitch builds a connection between you and the scenery or building you embroider, so do you come closer to yourself as well.

Modern hand embroidery serves as meditation for the creative individual. Each stitch up and down become a meditative movement, while your thoughts are let free to wander off, reflect and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

What kind of embroidery designs can you expect to receive?

On the first of each month you will be notified about your new downloadable embroidery pattern. Most designs have a highly graphical look, as we love to use single-stranded threads for back stitched contours. Furthermore, to balance the graphical structures, we often add a high-contrast colourful focal point such as embroidered leaves, a colourful door, flowers or similar.

With the high degree of contour work, you will feel less fatigued by the otherwise time-consuming art form. Instead, you will see greater progress while still creating an impressive and modern hand embroidered art piece.

I dare to say that you will have a hard time to find similar motives on the market of embroidery designs. With our background in illustration, we always take care to draw all of our patterns by hand, which adds authenticity and uniqueness.

When we first began our ventures in embroidery, we felt a lack of modern embroidery patterns. It was Charles who first pushed me to turn my architectural sketch in Paris into an embroidery design.

Hand embroidery has no age or gender

To embroider is not a grandma’s craft anymore. Yet, a majority of people we meet look at us in disbelief when we tell them that we work as full time embroidery artists. Is that even possible? You are so young?

Embroidery has no age or gender. It is even saddening to see the limiting stigmas that exists around hand embroidery. Therefore, we see it as a part of our mission to boost the coolness of the craft and turn it into a modern art form.

Why don’t you join us?

Enroll in the program and get started stitching today! Be sure to share your process using the #charlesandelin and we will happily share it in our Instagram stories to our community of 230k+ embroidery enthusiasts.

Paris artist @_charleshenry_

My husband Charles Henry busy at work with one of our Embroidery Designs. You find him at @_charleshenry_

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