How to be authentic on Instagram?

To be authentic on Instagram isn’t really something that we hear very often. Instead, we’re being told to be cautious about the perfected facade that is portrayed on influencer’s accounts. This makes today’s podcast episode with Sara Tasker from @me_and_orla especially captivating.

Idyllic landscape

Sara has dedicated the past five years to understand human communication through visual images. She believes that if you stay true to yourself and the way you communicate your story, it doesn’t matter if your actual image has been “staged”.

“Even behind a staged image, there is an authentic person who tries to convey a genuine message”.

Sara’s passion to share and remain authentic on Instagram, has resulted in a successful 6-figure business on the application. It’s incredibly inspiring in today’s social media world, to see that honest communication is still a winning concept.

hashtag authentic book

But how to find your own true voice and translate it into images? In her aspiration to help others on the road to authenticity, she has just released her first book “Hashtag Authentic”. The book is a concrete and actionable complement to her Podcast Show with the same name.

Act on your instinct

When we first start out on Instagram, it is easy to get overwhelmed. We might have a vision of how we would like our account to look like. However, we have no idea of how to do it. One of the keys that run through this interview is the idea of action. Take action now, rather than spend too much time thinking of how you can perfect your idea first.

“I spent the first 25 years of my life avoiding to take action at every cost. But the moment I stepped up for myself is when everything changed.” – Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker Instagram queen

It’s always easier said than done, which is why it’s important to start doing. Only when you execute your ideas will you know what works and what doesn’t. Proactivity is what will improve your skills and allow you to discover how you can be authentic on Instagram.

Where to begin?

If your dream is to turn your passion into your living then Elin’s free webinar training is a great place to start. It will give you the 4 key steps on how to get going today. Ones you have your framework in place and you know why you want to venture into creative entrepreneurship, make sure to check out Sara’s content on how to utilise Instagram for maximum personal and professional benefit.

Authentic on Instagram book pile

A summary from the episode of recommended resources to help you get going:

  1. Podcast episode on Mailing lists and why they’re important – by “Letters from a hopeful creative”
  2. Sara’s website meandorla.co.uk – here you can find all information about her online training programs for Instagram, her book and podcast “Hashtag Authentic”
  3. Elin’s free webinar training on the first 4 steps to take as an aspiring creative entrepreneur

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