Embroidery meditation; Interview with @namaste_embroidery #34

In this week’s episode of the Charles and Elin podcast we had the chance to talk with embroidery artist Jessica Long. For her, embroidery and yoga practise are closely intertwined. Especially with regards to meditation, where she states that she doesn’t think there is just one kind of meditation.

meditation namaste_embroidery

“For some meditation might be gardening or running and for others it could be embroidery”, she says.

When she first got introduced to the idea of meditation she found it difficult to concretise it. Do you have to stand in a Lotus position for it to count as meditation? Or is it enough to just say that you’re meditating? It was thanks to her embroidery practise that she came to realise that for her, embroidery encompasses everything that meditation includes. It gives her headspace, calms her body, focuses her breathing and presence. Thus embroidery became a relatable action for meditation in a way she never expected.

meditation namaste_embroidery

“I even get into the breathing rythm when I stitch for longer periods of time”

Joggling artistry and entrepreneurship is not an easy dance. Especially when a larger part of your audience is on Social Media, which means that you have to constantly be present. Jessica’s main strategy has been to try to post regularly, ones a day if possible. It doesn’t only push you to put something out there everyday, but you also stay in the feed of your potential clients.

meditation namaste_embroidery

However, working on social media can easily go out of control. That’s when coming back to your “why” is essential. Think back to why you started to create your art in the first place. What are your motives? In these moments of overwhelm, to take help from your preferred meditative action can significantly help. The key is to be able to break your mind’s worry and focus on your foundation.

“In the beginning I got easily caught up in looking at other creator’s feeds. I would see them create all these new cool things and think that I had to do them too. This immediately created stress and worry, which led me to do nothing in the end”, she recalls.

meditation namaste_embroidery

“Whatever you do, that’s ok”

Jessica has come to terms with “being ok”. She emphasises the need to worry less and do more. In other words, worry less about what other people do and focus on what you are doing and why you do it. It’s also ok to change your mind. Just because you said that you would do something, you alway shave the right to make a change.

meditation namaste_embroidery

When it comes to embroidery, perhaps to travel around the country for in person workshops isn’t for you. You much rather spend time in your studio and figure out how to use the internet to your benefit. Or you’re the complete opposite. You get anxious just thinking about all the potential editing and technical skills. Instead, you much rather go out and meet the people. Perhaps you even enjoy to do both! And that’s completely ok, as long as you do what feels right to you and none else.

Don’t forget to hit the play button to listen to the full episode! This is a real treat, so be sure to not miss out.

See more of Jessicas work on Instagram at @namaste_embroidery or on her website: namastehandembroidery.com

In the show she also mentions a couple of management tools that she uses: Asana and Trello, which can help you manage your time and priorities without the overwhelm. You might also be interested to look up her online courses with mybluprint that we also talk about in the episode.

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