Podcasting: How it taught us about the importance of scheduling and compromising

Six weeks ago we launched our podcast “Charles and Elin” and the experience of podcasting has already taught us a great deal. First of all, a weekly podcast implies an additional time-commitment. To be self-employed, it’s always key to set up deadlines and an effective work schedule to ensure that the work gets done on time. Unfortunately this is easier said than done… Even more so when you constantly move without one solid home-base, which is one of the things that we talk about in episode 5 “Time management + artists = ?”.

If you can admit to yourself that you sometimes struggle to tick things off your bullet list, I think that’s already a good step in the right direction. I actually wrote a blog post a while back with some tricks that I use to manage my time better. But before you even consider to be your own boss, you have to be able to be honest towards yourself with regards to your work. As soon as you admit and recognised what has to be done, it is easier to find different strategies for how to improve.

Announce you intention publicly

One thing that usually works for me and which has become even more evident after the start of our podcast, is to publicly announce that I will do a particular task by a particular day. By doing so, I instantly put a small pressure on myself that I have to finish my task before the announced deadline. If I fail to finish people might lose their confidence in me. I know that most people probably don’t remember to put the deadline on mind. However, that is less important in the equation, because YOU will still remember. This is partly why Charles and I announced in our first episode our intention to release an episode every Friday.

It simultaneously creates a fixed task on our weekly schedule, as well as a small pressure to make it happen. This implies a healthy level of pressure that many of us need to get “our thumb out of our ass”. Pressure doesn’t have to be something negative if it comes in the right dose and for the right reasons. For us, to have the podcast in our weekly schedule actually increased both our productivity and motivation. In other words, to be constant in our creation of content, makes us feel more productive. And to feel productive is one of the most motivating feelings there is!


We chose to publish on Fridays, because we think it’s convenient to have the week to record an episode. This is only a mental visualisation of the ideal day. In reality I think it technically doesn’t really matter when you decide to publish. After all, you can record a podcast episodes whenever you have the tools and a quiet space available. The goal is just to make sure that you set that fixed time when the episode must be uploaded.

You even have podcasters that record episodes at different “takes”. This means that for example an interview can be recorded at one time and the introduction at another. The different recordings would just be edited together before the release. You can of course also record more than one episode per week. We actually recorded episode 3 and 4 during the same week. This is because we travelled to Paris during week 4 and knew that we wouldn’t be able to record while we were there. The plan was to also record the episode for week 5, which we spent in Stockholm. But we managed to record it at site despite the lack of our regular recording set-up.

Decide your priorities and learn to compromise

At some point you will have to decide what your priorities are. To always have the highest quality or to have a constant flow of content being released? Charles is definitely our editing genius, which naturally makes him cringe more when he sees or hears a drop in quality. However, we have both come to realise that in the field of online businesses, you have to learn to compromise or else you might drown in the sea of other creators. The process of our podcast so far has confirmed the aforementioned. To compromise is simply another key to get things done.

To be close-minded can easily block you from moving forward, as you the ideal situation might never come. It actually took us a couple of months before we settled on the podcast as our next venture. We first tried out vlogging at multiple instances, but it was very difficult to find our voice. The fact that we chose audio doesn’t mean that we won’t try out the video-path again. It just wasn’t the right road to take at the moment.

Let’s communicate via audio!

Apart from that, we both love to listen to podcasts when we’re creating illustrations or embroidery. Thus it made it feel even more natural to host our own channel! To be able to hear the voices of the people you follow increases the understanding of a person and of his/her creations. Therefore we hope that we, through this podcast, are able to further convey our passion for the arts and creativity and that we can share some of our insight from this space with you.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our first episodes. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or subjects that you’d like us to talk about! We use the podcasting application called Anchor as host for our Channel. The reason is their voice message recording function that is just amazing. Just as much as we want you to hear us we are now able to hear you as well!

Our episodes so far:

  1. Our first talk with you
  2. Partners in life and business
  3. Reasons why we travel
  4. Time management + artists = ?
  5. Get a real job!
  6. Who influences who?

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