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Paris Embroidery art petronella.art
Artist Couple Charles and Elin

Meet Charles and Elin

Charles and Elin, is a married artist couple that began their journey together in a rooftop studio in Paris. They quickly gained attention for their embroidered artworks on instagram (+250k) as @petronella.art and @_charleshenry_, and began to share their techniques on workshops in Parisian cafรฉs.

Today theyยดve taught over 1000+ students through in person workshop, online courses and patterns and feel more passionate than ever to spread the power of threads and needle.

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What other's have said...

"I have always hated satin stitch until I saw your wonderful and quick tip! In the past when I would work the satin stitch I would get this big contracted lump where the fabric pulled, ugh. Now the fabric lays flat and it looks very neat and I am not frustrated, instead I am happy with the way it looks. The added bonus is saving precious embroidery floss in the process. Thank you so much for thinking outside of the box and sharing your knowledge, tips, and tricks to make embroidery fun, including the dreaded (for me) satin stitch"
Debra Bridges
Debra Bridges
United States
"Artsy is the new sexy, and embroidery is for sure a great form. I've always loved, passionate people, and this couple is surely one of a kind. Impeccable creativity & inspiring work, they are also good at being pedagogic in teaching you patiently and attentively. If you want to pick up a new hobby that is cool and enriching, you should definitely do their courses, and become mindful and connected with your environment and yourself!"
Embroidery course student
Katherine Chan
Hong Kong
"I never thought I could like an activity like embroidery until I found Charles and Elin on Instagram. What they were doing was so amazing and so different from what I had seen before that I decided to try their courses and I can't tell you how glad I am. I've discovered a new hobby with the best teachers I could have asked for. The close-up videos and step by step process really made it perfect for me!"
Embroidery course student
Loli Minguillon
"This course was perfect for me. Now I have all the basics I need so I can go on and experiment myself and that is what I was looking for. Also I know I can reach Elin and Charles if I have questions or check on their instagram or website for tips. So donโ€™t hesitate, youโ€™ll spend a lovely time."
Virginia Cruz

In need of new inspiring embroidery designs?

We constantly update our unique pattern selection with new hand embroidery designs inspired corners of the world!

The Charles and Elin Podcast

Do you want to bring your artistry to the next level?

The Charles and Elin podcast shares first hand experiences of artistry and creative entrepreneurship, as well as frequent interviews with other professional creatives within various niches.

Charles and Elin Podcast
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